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About Me

As a person who has benefited in a big way from the practice of jala neti for sinus infections when all regular treatments failed, I decided to research this subject.

In the course of my findings, I noticed a very interesting contradiction. On the one hand, problems related to sinus infections and allergies were extremely rampant and with almost no cure in sight. On the other hand, almost all the people using this unique method of sinus irrigation were almost free from all such problems.

I figured the reasons as:

  1. Being an almost zero cost activity, there were obviously no �big bucks� behind its promotion; and
  2. There was no real written material explaining its virtues.

That�s when I decided �to correct the balance� in my own small way. This website is the result of this resolve to bring out into the open this �esoteric� practice and its positive effects on sinus infections.

By this method, I hope to educate as many people worldwide who suffer from sinus infections and allergies and yet seem clueless on how to treat them.

Through this endeavor, I also invite people who have benefited from this practice to come out and share their experiences so that a genuinely clean and beneficial practice can get the place that it deserves.



For any other information that you may require, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help you if I can.

Please DO NOT contact for any commercial enquiries, as it is my experience that all promotions dilute the seriousness of the content, which is definitely not my desire.

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