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Neti Pot comparison

Various neti pots available in the market� which is the best for me?

A common query. Let us evaluate the kinds of Neti Pots: 

Ceramic neti pot:

Hmm� very personal but some people prefer the softer, non-clinical look of these pots. Almost decorative.


Plenty. For one, they are fragile and likely to break sooner or later due to handling.

Also, the good ceramic pots are simply NOT large enough otherwise they become heavy. Hold just about 8oz. of water.

Non hygienic - May have small pores into which dirt and bacteria may lodge.

Does not have a cone tip for 'plugging' the nostril - an important feature for a convenient and non-messy neti session.

Recommended in this category:
The Himalayan Institute Neti Pot.
Available at:
Plastic neti pot:

Cheaper priced; unbreakable and durable. Good for traveling.

  Bad for Health and bad for environment. Click here

Cheaper plastics may emit a peculiar odor with age. As these pots are made by a blow molding process, it is 'possible' that the sutures (joints) at the nose tip could hurt the nostrils.

Unable to 'feel' water temperature by holding the pot.

Usually small (less than 300 mls) causing insufficient drainage.

Life span may be shortened due to plastic deterioration in salty water.

Lastly� again personal� the 'cheaper' look may not appeal to everybody.

Recommended in this category:
The Rhino Horn pot.
Available at:
Copper Neti pot:

Can come in large sizes.

Some oriental schools believe in the medicinal advantages of copper. Unbreakable.


Copper gets tarnished and makes the pot very unappealing to use after just a few uses.

Reactions with water may result in copper and sodium residues up your nose.

Usually expensive.
Recommended in this category:
Bazaar of India Copper Neti pot.
Available at:
Stainless steel neti pot:

Several: Clean, hygienic and clinical look.

Non fragile - can be mailed and carried.

Ideal size. Usually hold upto 16oz. (500ml.) Of water.

Good qualities are available with smooth nose tips for plugging the nostril.

Great value for money.


"May" sometimes have small rust like occurrences. Usually, not a problem if rinsed with clean water after use.

Recommended in this category:
Health and Yoga Stainless steel Neti pot.
Available at:
A special note on Health and Yoga: Very responsive team with a great knowledge on the subject and exceptional customer service.
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