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Other cleansing techniques

Cleansing techniques have very positive effects on the body. While we focus on the external cleaning only, just like a machine, the human body too needs to be oiled and kept prim and proper on the inside.

While jala neti is very effective in cleaning the nasal-pharynx region or the entire sinus cavities, there are other natural cleansing techniques that serve to tone the whole body and also contribute to emotional and mental health.

One of the techniques is that of the stomach wash in which the stomach and the upper respiratory tract is flushed thoroughly to remove the toxins from the body and also tone up the digestive muscles. It also helps in removing the accumulated muck that is responsible for several health disorders. To read about the stomach wash technique, click here.

Another cleansing technique is that of the intestinal wash. This is really cleaning up the entire digestive tract from the mouth to the anus. While the abdominal wash helps in cleaning the stomach and upper regions of the digestive tract along with a invigorating effect on the respiratory tract, the intestinal wash is recommended for intestinal health and the lower portion of the digestive tract. To read about the intestinal wash, click here.

Cleansing practices owe their origin to Yoga, and responsible for creating physical and mental harmony and freeing one from diseases. To read more about them, click here.

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