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The right tool � the Neti pot

The only correct way to get the desired benefits of jala neti is the use of the neti pot.

As we saw in the �how jala neti works� section, the �dead-end� sinus passages get flushed in a manner combining the forces of gravity with the venturi-effect created when water flows through the nasal passages. A subtle vacuum is created which extracts the mucus and toxins from the sinus passages into the flowing water.

In order to create this vacuum and to ensure the flow of water without air blockages, a special spout must be inserted into the nostril. This directs the water into the nostril at the right pressure and creates the necessary effect.

Moreover the water should be of a certain minimum quantity � both to sufficiently irrigate the nasal passages as well as to create a suitable flow pressure. What this means is that the receptacle must hold a predetermined quantity of water.

Keeping these factors in mind, the only suitable tool for effective results is the neti pot.

Many people have used tea cups, bowls, ketchup bottles and even garden hoses!! Invariably the results are well short of expectations (if there are results at all) and people end up blaming the process.

In any case neti pots are fairly cheap and not so difficult to find.

However, there are some points that you need to keep in mind before deciding which neti pot to go for:

  • Your neti pot should be able to hold at least 500 ml. (15oz.) of water. As mentioned, this is necessary to sufficiently flush your sinuses with the desired pressure.
  • It must have a tapered end to its spout which �plugs� the inlet nostril. This prevents spillage and creates the subtle vacuum that is needed.
  • Although not necessary, the neti pot should preferably be unbreakable. After all, learning may sometimes cause the pot to fall out of your hands.

There are various kinds of neti pots available. To compare the various options available and to know where to buy, click here

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