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 How to do - Salts for Jala Neti

 Recommended Salts for Jala Neti 

Doubt sometimes arises as to which type of salt is best for use in Jala Neti. Ideally, pure Sea Salt should be used. Below are some of the different types of salt available on the market today and their suitability for use in Jala Neti. 

  • Cooking Salt or Pickling Salt.
    This is generally nothing other than pure sea salt, but check on the packet. It can vary in coarseness - the finer, the better for quick and even dissolving. If you can�t get it fine, grind your own from whatever you can find. Store airtight to avoid lumping up. Found in supermarkets and health shops.

  • Table Salt
    This is just finely ground cooking salt with a free flowing agent in it to stop it from lumping up. Who needs aluminum, silicone or iodine up their nose? Can be used for Jala Neti without any harm when cooking salt is not available, but try to avoid it if you have a choice.

  • Vegetable Salt.
    This is a compound mixture of salts, herbs and spices, and will do your nose and olfactory senses NO GOOD AT ALL! 

  • Rock Salt
    Depending on origin, rock salts have other minerals in them and are therefore not recommended for Neti. They are usually very big, hard crystals requiring a saltcellar. Nice for cooking with, but not for up your nose.

  • Macrobiotic Salt
    Often grayish in color. Usually just sea salt from Japan and therefore more expensive than local salt. May be used for Neti with no harm.

  • Kosher Salt
    This is sea salt that is guaranteed to be pure and has no pollutants. Other Substances

There are sometimes other recipes given for therapeutic nasal irrigation fluids. You may come across reference to Buffered Saline, Ringer�s Solution or other antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agents, but these are better avoided due to their unnatural origins and possible harsh effects on the body.

A good source for pure neti salt is HealthAndYoga. Their neti salt, besides being pure is packaged in single-use packets, especially pre-measured if using their neti pot. To know more about their salt click on --> Neti Salt

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