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Shankaprakshalana - The Intestinal Wash
The Special Shankaprakshalana Restricted Diet for the First 7 Days
(Applicable for the long version of the Intestinal wash)
Yes No
  Please note that there is no "MAYBE" column. If in doubt it is a NO.
General Guidelines Moderate amounts of food.
Fresh foods, pure foods.
Regular meals.
Light, well cooked foods.
Neutral - nothing too acidic nor alkaline.
Wash all foods and your hands before preparing food and eating.
Listen to your newly intelligent body.
If in doubt, trust your new taste buds.
Moderate use of spices (but no chilli at all).
Moderate use of dried and fresh herbs.
Moderate use of salt.
Excesses (in quantity) of any sort of foodstuff.
No fasting, No binges.
Very hot foods (in temperature or chilli).
Chilled foods - anything straight from the fridge.
Snacks, take-aways, junk food, confectionary.
Heavy foods, under-cooked foods, raw foods.
Processed, artificial, preserved, chemically treated foods.
Meat of all types - beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, shell fish, sausage.
Highly spiced foods.
No chilli at all.Stale, impure, contaminated or doubtful leftover food.
All sugars, including honey.
Beverages Pure water.
Weak herbal teas.
Weak cereal beverages eg. echo, karo.
Weak fruit juices - watered down 50/50 (excluding any citrus).
Weak vegie juices - watered down 50/50, excluding tomato juice.
Non-flavoured mineral water.
Carob derivatives - but not with milk.
Avoid polluted, chlorinated, chilled water.
Coffee - even decaffeinated.
Tea of the tannin varieties such as Indian, Ceylon, Chinese, even Formosan, Madura and low tannin ones.
Concentrated, or 100% full strength fruit juices.
Concentrated, or 100% full strength vegetable juices.
Soft drinks, sports drinks - eg "Gatorade" etc.
Alcohol of any kind in any form.
Dairy Soy milk (Not really dairy but a bean): Must be unflavoured only, unadulterated. Check labels for synthetics, sweeteners and additives. Cow's milk - whole or skim, plain or flavoured.
Butter and Ghee.
All cheeses - Hard, yellow, salty, mature cheeses and white, soft cheeses - eg cottage, feta.
Cream - fresh or sour.
Yoghurt, ice cream, buttermilk, custards.
Margarine (banned forever!).
Fats Natural cold-pressed vegetable oils (except canola).
Olive oils.
Small amounts of cooked nuts.
Canola (rape seed) oil.
Nut pastes - eg peanut, cashew, almond, tahini.
Coconut oil, copha, animal fats, dripping, lard.
Margarine (banned forever).
Raw uncooked nuts.
Grains and Beans Rice - white, basmati, jasmine, par boiled.
Oats, barley, rye, wheat - all well cooked.
Lentils - all. Red, green, brown, yellow.
Beans - soy, kidney, chick, mung etc.
All well cooked.
Tofu, tempeh - small amounts and only in cooked form.
Brown rice, wild rice.
Breads of all kinds - wholemeal, brown or white, unyeasted or yeasted (even sour dough).
Raw grains - eg raw oats in muesli, or toasted oats in breakfast cereals, grainy breads with chaff-type additives.
Mueslis of all kinds.
Pastas of all kinds.
Fruit Moderate amounts of in-season, (preferably organic) fresh fruits excepting citrus.
Stewed fruits, bottled, tinned (unsweetened).
Moderate use soaked and cooked dried fruit
Watered down juices to 50% - No citrus.
Citrus fruits in any form - No oranges, lemons, grapefruit, lime, pineapple, either fresh, cooked, juiced, or as jams.
No raw dried fruits.
No concentrated or full strength fruit juices.
Vegetables In-season, fresh, (preferably organic), steamed, baked, boiled, soups, light fried.
Light salads - no dressings.
Avocado is OK in moderation.
Watered down juices to 50% - excepting tomato.
Any kind of old, stale, treated or sprayed vegetables.
Processed, frozen, tinned, packeted vegetables.
Avoid raw root vegies - carrots, beetroot, onions, garlic, ginger.
No raw tomato.No mushrooms - raw or cooked.
No concentrated or full strength vegetable juices.
Other Toothpaste (we got asked once).
Moderate use of cooked onions, garlic, ginger.
Fermented soy products - miso, soy sauce, tamari, shoyu.Brewers yeast, baking yeast, natural yeasts.
Salty things - eg potato chips, vegemite, marmite, etc.
Sour or pungent things - vinegar, chutneys, pickles.Biscuits, chocolate, sweets or all kinds
.Eggs - either alone or cooked into things.
Drugs - legal and illegal, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals.
Herbal remedies, vitamin or mineral supplements.
Tobacco - includes passive smoke.
Air pollutants, inhaled or skin contact chemicals - eg petrol fumes, cleaning products, pesticides.
Exercises for the Intestinal Wash Special Diet Lifestyle Guidelines
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